Abide by Laws

    Know the laws
    Know responsibilities
    Know proper methods to protest and change laws


Pay taxes

    Only source of government funding
    Know how to defer taxes legally


Jury Duty
    Civic responsibility if called

    Not just people who register to vote (refusing to register does not exempt you)
    Selected from drivers’ license registry


Be an Informed Voter

    Learn about Issues

    Learn about Candidates
        Investigate all candidates
        Look at sample ballot before voting

    It’s not enough to watch news, internet or FB

        Lots of fake news

        Deliberate lies


        Shoddy, un-researched, error filled reporting

        Deliberately misleading -effort to fool readers


    Tip-offs that the news is questionable
        Anonymous author

        Excessive exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Misspellings (mispelings?)
        Says, “This is not a Hoax!”
        Links or phone numbers that are dead or contradict claims

    Be Smart

        Consider the source

        Read beyond the headline

        Check the author

        Investigate supporting documents

        Check the date

        Is it satire - a joke - The Onion

        Check your own biases

        Consult experts