Government of the people,

by the people, for the people

Lincoln's Gettysburg address reminds us today that we do not have the luxury of inaction.



This site is for you - our effort to help you own your government.

Resources are focused on PA. Some will be useful to residents of other states.

  • Links to help you identify & contact

    • Federal Legislators

    • State Legislators

    • County Officials

    • Township & Municipal Officials

  • Important information about government

    • How it works

    • How it sometimes fails

  • Slide shows and speakers' notes from the seminar, "Civics for Grownups"

    • A short course to remind us how government is designed to work (and how it actually works)

    • Slide shows and speakers' notes are available now​

  • Videos of the seminars will be available sometime after June 2017


Scroll down or click on the "Go to Resource Links" button to access these resources.


Resource Links

Find State & Federal Representatives

With your

street address

Find PA Election Officials 
Register to Vote in PA

County election offices, Voter Registration, Absentee Ballots

Find Local PA Officials
Township & Municipality 

By County

Register for a Seminar

Near You

End Gerrymandering
in PA

Fair Districts PA

Slides & Speakers' Notes "Civics for Grownups"

Whole Seminar

& Modules

Learn about Civics
through Play

Videos of Presentations of
"Civics for Grownups"

Coming after September 2018

US Constitution
& its Amendments

Complete Text & Links

Learn about PA Government

A Guide in English

Una Guía in Español


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